Monday, April 23, 2012

"Hi beautiful eyes, mind if I party with you?"

So Tina Fey was on Jimmy Fallon and she was her usual fantastic, hilarious self.  She talked about getting time to herself with her kids and it made me laugh so hard because, damn if I wouldn't do that given the chance.  Watch:

So, what we have learned that in order to get time alone she has to engage in subterfuge.  On the one hand you think, "oooh totally wrong to lie to work and your family" and on the other I think, "that is genius, how can I pull that off?"  This weekend involved basically zero down time.  My poor wife took care of our kids on 3.5 hours of sleep in a 30 hour period (she was on call) while I drove more than five hours round trip to look at four terribly depressing apartment options (the rental market is currently insane and even worse for those of with kids who don't want them to get lead poisoning).

Anyway, the thought of having to undergo oral surgery is not appealing but something about having even part of an afternoon alone to watch a movie makes me think "yeah, totally worth it, drill away."  As this video also shows, having kids provides you with priceless moments of hysterical comedy.  Tina's kids seen as enamoured with each other as mine are.  Thankfully the three year old has not tried to climb in the crib with the baby but it might be worth it if she was as hilarious as Tina's daughter.  I mean, really, what's funnier than a kid saying "hi beautiful eyes, mind if I party with you?" Nothing.  Because it's hilarious and a little inappropriate and makes you think "where did that come from."  Those are the things that make or almost make all the rest of the screaming and tantrums and horrific behavior worth it.

So, in honor if this hellish weekend we're having here, enjoy Tina (I love the way Jimmy can't keep his shit together around her because really who can?).  Hope it perks up your Monday.

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