Friday, March 1, 2013

Life Changers #9

This week I knew exactly what to write about.  Today is one year since my first post was published on  It felt fitting then that my post went up on Leap Day because everything about it seemed like an amazing accomplishment.  I had dreamed of writing for AE for a long time, probably since I first discovered the site in its infancy.

I applied to write for the site in 2007 but got cut somewhere along the line (I kept the rejection email because it was encouraging even in rejection).  I was disappointed but frankly, they were right not to have me write for them back then.  I was a lawyer with a crazy job and I hadn't practiced writing for the web.  That's not to say I was some sort of seasoned professional when they asked me to write a thing about White Collar, but I was better.  I had been practicing here and I was much better equipped to provide decent content.

This year has felt incredible, truly a dream come true.  I have learned a lot, but mostly that its harder than it looks.  If you don't know how hard, try to replicate the genius of the other recappers on the site.  Heather Hogan and Dorothy Snarker are people whom I consider to be writing role models.  They make their writing look effortless.  Their humor illuminates deeper points while making me laugh.  Their brains work in ways that mine doesn't and I admire them for their abilities.  I am a fan of their work to an embarrassing degree and I try to keep my fangirl tendencies to a minimum lest we all feel awkward. That I get to be a part of the place where I have read their work for so long blows my mind.

It's hard work, but boy do I love it.  When they asked me to write something for them, my wife and I made screen shots of the article, just to have proof that it was real and that it wouldn't disappear like Cinderella's dress at midnight.  I thought I might turn back into a pumpkin and I wanted a glass slipper to tuck away and look at whenever I needed a reminder.  By some lucky chance they have kept me on and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

Writing for a job, albeit a small, part-time one, is a dream I can check off as fully realized.  It has spawned more dreams, bigger goals, other aspirations.  I felt like Courtney Cox in the "Dancing in the Dark" music video, plucked from the crowd and asked to dance on stage.  I feel proud that I didn't fall on my face and have to be carted off by security.  Thank you to everyone at AfterEllen for being so kind and encouraging and asking me to be a part of what they do.  I am honored to be among people I truly admire and I hope to stay as long as they will have me.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone chasing your own dreams.


  1. Congratulations!

    I suspect that everyone feels the way that you do about succeeding in your dream. I once talked to a very well known British TV actor who was, by then, a seasoned old pro. He told me "You know, it's still hard to believe that I've 'made it'. There are days when I'm convinced that they're going to turn me away from the studio gates".


  2. Well I'm so grateful that you do. You have become one of my very favorites Lucy. Thank you so much!

    Erin (OutOfRange)