Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mom post

My wife pointed me in the direction of this (slightly old, it's from last June) project to stop moms from being at "war" with each other.  The mom wars are stupid and distracting and totally horse shit.  And people have taken them on a thousand different ways.  But I really liked this one because I like visual aides. I like seeing the moms and their "confessions" on a big piece of paper next to someone who may not agree.  You can scroll through them all here.

Being a parent is rough (I need more sleep, always more sleep) but we only make it rougher by getting tied into knots over other people's expectations and assumptions.  Kids generally turn out all right in the end if their needs are met.  How you meet those needs is pretty well up to you.  So maybe we can stop feeling crappy about those choices?  Sure, it might be a pipe dream but look they have visual aides! That's got to count for something.


  1. Now I have reached a 'certain age', lots of the relatives are producing children like there's no tomorrow. Mom A used to be something of a wild child, but she has settled down long enough to bring forth a son. She and her husband dote on him, but I suspect that when her offspring is old enough to start bringing girls back to meet the parents she will start to behave like her own mum, and be very picky about who he goes out with. Mom B is a very co-ordinated career woman, who has been a little surprised to find that babies don't always work on the same schedule as adults. Still, she's rejiggled the time-tables, and can work around the eccentricities of her child, so that's okay. Mom C makes it look totally effortless, and appears to glide through her daily routine without a hitch "Problems? Me? Mmmmm, you look tired. Sit down and I'll make you a cuppa. Oh, don't you worry. I've got plenty of time".

    From our exalted position of universal Auntie/Uncle, we think that they all seem to be doing a fantastic job. And the weird thing is, they all do it differently. The only constant, in the end, is love. They love their kids to death, and that seems to be enough. Organised or chaotic, they all manage. I don't think that any of them has visual aids, but....hey....nobody's perfect.


    1. Looking again at the post, I notice that I assumed that the son of Mom A will bring back girls to meet the parents. One should never assume. Time will tell.