Friday, January 31, 2014


Last year Cheerios ran an ad featuring a biracial family and half the internet lost its damn mind. How dare they show a family with a black man, a white woman, and their biracial daughter!  What will we tell our kids?  Cheerios never backed down from that ad and has gone a step farther.  For the first time it will be doing a Cheerios ad during the Super Bowl on Sunday and they brought back the family.  It's cute, it's funny, and it's realistic (I see your baby brother and raise you a puppy).  I love it when corporations refuse to be cowed by the screeching hordes of people who would like the world to return to the days of Ozzy and Harriet (if you want another giggle check out the commenters to this AfterEllen article who clearly wandered into areas of the internet they didn't understand).  The world is changing and it's a wonderful thing to see.  I just hope my kids don't see this and start asking for a puppy (or a little brother for that matter).

Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. It is rather hilarious when someone gets into such a splother that they post a comment without bothering to check which site they are on. Hilarity segues into hysterically funny when several people do the same, none of them apparently any the wiser. Poor old Sally, she's not against same sex parents, she just doesn't want anyone to know about them!

    Adverts are pretty much a mirror on society. I can remember a documentary programme about how certain adverts had become so beyond the pale that they could never be shown again (there was one pretty horrendous one for ladies body spray from the early 70s which used a rape joke to sell the product!). A woman who had been in advertising at the time said that things like this were simply accepted. It was just a sign of the times. However, it's a pleasing sign of today's times that things like mixed-race couples are simply accepted. When Halifax Building Society showed a black man and his very white, very pregnant wife applying for a loan, no-one batted an eyelid. It has ceased to be an issue.

    Even better, when Nat West did an advert with two identical twins, which showed how the building society could deal with the differences between customers, they made one of the twins a Lesbian. We see her and her girlfriend Kate embracing at the beginning of the ad, and later meeting the other twin and her husband. The ad shows a female couple as an equal part of a diverse society, and quite rightly so. There hasn't been an outcry against the ad, and it is shown regularly. It's nice to see when the world really does change for the better.