Monday, July 14, 2014

Booked: Everything Leads to You

About a week ago I read Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour. It is a very sweet love story about a couple a high school ages girls who live in LA, work on movies, and hunt down a mystery in their spare time. The mystery starts with a note they find tucked in a record at an estate sale and from there they unravel the mystery while also working on their movie sets.

It's sweet without being cloying and the kind of book that I kind of wish had been around when I was a teenager. Not because it gripped me on a visceral level but because of it's complete normalness. Some of the characters are gay. Girls fall on and out of love in it and it's not a big deal other than the fact that when you're 18 relationships feel like a big deal.

I almost want to call this a beach read in the sense that it is totally, wonderfully entertaining and left me feeling happy (but don't wish to malign it to the extent "beach read" might make you think it's crap. It's not crap, it's just happy and fun). Issue books are great. Books that make you feel less alone when coming out seems like the most insane idea are necessary but books where girls have regular old girl drama are also kind of a gift.

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  1. I read a few reviews of this, and most people seem to like it. However, there were some criticisms that it wasn't dramatic enough. Not enough angst. This is just silly. The book is what it is, something designed to make you happy, the sort of book that you read before you sleep and sends you to bed happy. I think that I'll give this one a go.